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Creators & Collaborators

Fikile Kani

Creator / Writer

Fikile Kani is a Lesotho born actor and writer from South Africa who’s a recent graduate of the Grad Acting program at NYU. She has starred on several hit TV shows including It’s Complicated Season 1 and 2, Gold Diggers and Isidingo. Fikile also wrote for broadcast television while in South Africa and continues to create and write about topics she cares about.

Karoline Kirchhübel

Exec Producer / Design

Karoline K has a background in visual storytelling and is a lead designer at design firm IDEO. A queer, creative coder she’s passionate about technology and helps run @Adaslist - a network of over 5000 women who work in tech. Fikile and Karoline were high-school roommates and have always been up to no good – "now we just have more skills".

Sakky Barnor

Post Production / Editor

Sakky Barnor is a London-based editor who specialises in drama, comedy and short form TV, film & music videos. She leads the post production and editing of ‘Tech Bae'. A sharp storyteller she has a strong narrative sense and love for pace – which is evident in her editing of The Terrible Tale of Henrietta Tate (2017). When not editing Sakky plays football for Romance FC and hangs out with her delicious baby Zippy.

Lin-Que Ayoung

Director / DOP

Lin-Que Ayoung was born and raised in New York City. A former Hip Hop Performer and Lyricist, she is now a thesis film student at NYU Tisch School of the Arts’ Graduate Program. Lin Que is committed to utilizing all forms of storytelling to cultivate her artistic boldness with the hope that her creative authenticity can touch and awaken the authenticity in others.

Katelyn Manley

Creative Producer

Katelyn graduated from Marymount Manhattan College in 2014. She went on to work as a Production Coordinator for Jarrett Creative and since worked on various projects including Maze Runner: Scorch Trials, and While We're Young (dir. Noah Baumbach). Her most recent work has been with Disney, HBO and Marvel, including the record-breaking Black Panther. She has worked along the likes of Patricia Clarkson, Sir Ben Kingsley, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lupita Nyong’o.

Korey Jackson

Producer / F.A.M Creative

A native of Maryland, and current resident of the New York City area, Korey is an actor, director, writer, producer and founder of F.A.M. Creative Productions – a production company with the mission of bringing under represented voices to film, television, and theater. Korey produced and directed the short 'Sole Variations’ starring actor and poet Kareem Lucas. He also produced and directed a music video for Marcus Paul James’ most recent EP ‘Paper Hearts’. In addition to his various work on stage and screen he also loves bringing the arts to communities who need them most. Whether teaching music to 5th graders at P.S. 48 in the Bronx through the Hunts Point Alliance for Children (HPAC), acting in musical plays written by kids in the Hell’s Kitchen area with the 52nd Street Project.

Lin-Que Ayoung
Lower East Side street scene
Fikile having a moment
Elizabeth Rakhilkina & Fikile Kani
Atandwa Kani directs the first Tech Bae Teaser
Sidney Smith & Doron Mitchell

Behind the Scenes

Tech Bae is still very much a work in progress. Fikile joined forces with Karoline early summer 2018 and set about producing a teaser for the series; something that would show the world the shape of Ayanda's narrative.

They enlisted the help of Atandwa Kani to direct and Lin-Que Ayoung to DP the first teaser. Sakky Barnor was roped in to lead post production and conspired to edit a funny, beautiful and entertaining 3 and a half minute long taste of Tech Bae.

Tech Bae is a New York City based project. Many of the crew were found through the NYC Women Filmmakers Facebook Group as well as connections formed with NYU Grad Film students. The talented cast are mostly the product of NYU's Grad Acting Program.

We're currently looking for partners, collaborators and women in tech with good stories – drop us a line on hello@techbaeofficial.com

Teaser Credits


Fikile Kani

Creator / Writer

Karoline Kirchhübel

Exec Producer

Elizabeth Rakhilkina


Diana Foronda

Production Assistant

Atandwa Kani


Sakky Barnor

Post Production

Mark Fraunhofer


Muhammad Bryce

Sound Mixer

Lin-Que Ayoung

Director of Photography

Katelyn Manley


Freja-Ulla Krebs

Production Design

Mark Slobodian

Colour Grade


Fikile Kani


Jacob Orr

Toni AKA Dashiki Date

John Glowacki

Tech Bro

Mark Puchinsky

Tech Bro

Simone Recasner


Sidney Smith

Street Sis

Ross Cowan

Tech Bro

Atandwa Kani

Xola "X"

Doron Mitchell

Street Bro

Grant Harrison

Tech Bro



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