Tech Bae is a series that follows Ayanda (Aya) a passionate entrepreneur in the tech industry, who’s trying to create a better dating experience for black women – one swipe at a time.

It is a comical take on new social behaviors around dating, impetuous internet culture, and what it takes navigate the startup world as a black woman.

The last thing Aya expects to happen to her is go viral, but that’s exactly what happens in the first episode of TECH BAE. In a world where “diversity” is a buzzword, all she’s trying to do is create a black girl friendly dating app…cause if no one does, who will? 

During a sponsorship meeting with large genomics company 22andWHO, Aya struggles to get a group of Tech Bros on board with her idea. A recording of the meeting, in which she passionately shares a glimpse of her culture and goofy personality, leaks and sets the web ablaze. Taken completely out of context, Aya is left looking like a blubbering idiot as Internet trolls tag her with the nick name “Tech Bae”. 22andWHO are, of course, quick to jump ship. 

Will our Tech Bae be able to shake the cloud off her and her business?

Written & created by Fikile M Kani – the series is still in the making. We're currently fundraising and would love your support in making this happen.